Avon Francis Procunier 1894-1968
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Avon Francis Procunier 1894-1968 the son of Isaac Newton and Minnette E. Whitney Procunier was born on May 17, 1894 in Onawa, IA.  Avon died December 23, 1968 in Sheridan, WY, Campbell County Gillette, WY.  On June 16, 1920 Avon married Lavina Phillips born December 31, 1899 Newcastle, Weston County WY.  Lavina died December 06, 1980 in Spearfish, SD.  Together they had four children.  Avon was said to be a Sawmill worker & Rancher.  Lavina remarried after Avon's death in 1968 to Dan Foster.  


Bertha Lavina Procunier  born 1921
        Daughter Bertha Elaine Allen a good source for the Procunier Family History.
married Dean Weslie Allen on 06 Sep 1961
Laura Annette Allen 1961; married Jeff Jensen
Jody Layne Jensen 1968
Mae Frances Procunier born 1922
Esther Procunier born 1923  married Pat O'Tilly
Francis Leonard O'Tilly 1944
Donald Isaac Procunier born 1931 

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