Christian Rohrer 1740-1801
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Christian Rohrer,  the son of Martin Rohrer;  Christian born 1740; died 12 Jan 1801 in Washington County, Maryland.
                                    married Veronica Lehmannin circa 1766

John Rohrer 1767-
Barbara Rohrer 1768-  married 1800 Daniel Brockunier (1777-1840)
Miria Rohrer 1771-
Ann Rohrer 1772-
Jacob Rohrer 1776-
Christian Rohrer 1780-
Samuel Rohrer 1786-1856 moved to Germantown, Ohio just south of Dayton, Ohio

How the Procuniar’s are related to the Rohrer/Peppard's

Hans Michael Rohrer circa 1665-
John Jacob Rohrer 1695-1771 John Jacob & Martin Rohrer are brothers
Christian Rohrer 1741-1804
Christian Rohrer 1762-1842
Samuel Rohrer 1807-1892  (relocated from Pennsylvania to Montgomery County Ohio circa 1832) *
Christian F Rohrer 1840-1929
Vernelle Rohrer 1889-1964
George Peppard 1928-1994
           Pierre Bracounier, Jr 08 Apr 1653 Montanban, France ?
Martin Rohrer 1706-1787              Johan Nichol Peckoner Sr 1704- before 1799 ?
Christian Rohrer 1740-1801            Peter Brockunier Sr 1727-1804
Barbara Rohrer 1768- married Daniel Bragunier Brockunier 1777-1840
Samuel Procuniar 1801-1880  (relocated from Pennsylvania to Montgomery County Ohio circa 1832) *
Jacob Procuniar 1847-1915   Jacob married Mary Catharine McMaster 
John Henry Procuniar 1890-1976
John Thomas Procuniar 1919-1992
David C Procuniar 1945-
                                       John Procuniar 1830-1863
                                              John Franklin Procuniar 1855-1918
                                                     Hugh Clifford Procuniar 1888-1973
                                                            William Clifford Procuniar 1912-1976
                                                                   Pamela Ellen Procuniar 1942-
                                                             Bernard Long Procuniar 1913-1971
                                                                   Carolyn Irene Procuniar 1939

 Note: The Common Grandparent is Hans Michael Rohrer

Some examples:
George Peppard is the 6C1R (sixth cousin once removed) of David C Procuniar (Civil: XV Canon: 8)
George Peppard is the 6C2R (sixth cousin twice removed) of Pam Procuniar Goldberg
George Peppard is the 6C2R (sixth cousin twice removed)  of Carolyn Irene Procuniar Fuessel
Also Samuel Rohrer (1807-1892) and Samuel Procuniar (1801-1880) are third cousins; both came to Ohio circa 1832

My grandfather John Henry Procuniar's older sister Nettie Belle Procuniar married her fifth cousin Frank Rohrer; Frank is the older brother of Vernelle Rohrer Peppard.  Over the years all the family news of George Peppard the actor came from Frank & Nettie & Frank's deceased son Ralph's wife Mary Rohrer.

Main Source: 
David C Procuniar 3598 Harry Truman Drive, Beavercreek, Ohio 45432

Other Sources:
The Bragonier Family by Georgiana H. Randall 1969. 
The Bragunier Family in America by Brittian Bragunier Robinson 1969 
First Reformed Church of Hagerstown Maryland church records on LDS micro-film 

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