Eliza Procuniar 1836-1903
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Eliza Procuniar, the daughter of Samuel Procuniar (1801-1880) & Catharine Miller (1808-1871); Eliza was born on 20 Jan 1836 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio, died on 04 Jun 1903 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio  Eliza married Jonathan Evans about 1860; Jonathan was born in 1838 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio, died on 19 Aug 1916 Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio. 

Children: (6)
Owen F. Evans 1861-1863
Florance S. Evans 1863-1891
George W. Evans 1866-1909
Ida P. Evans 1869-1903
William Lewis Evans 1873-1957
Cora M. Evans 1877-1879

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David Charles Procuniar 3598 Harry Truman Drive, Beavercreek, Ohio 45432-2272

Short history of Eliza Procuniar Evans
Eliza was the fourth child of Samuel and Catharine Procuniar, and their first child born in Montgomery County Ohio, after moving here from Huntingdon County Pennsylvania.  Eliza was born on January 20, 1836.  Eliza went to school in Mad River Township & circa 1860 married Jonathan Evans who also was from Montgomery County Ohio.  Together they had six children, three girls and three boys.  Of the six children, Owen F. died at 1 year and 8 months, Cora M. died at 1 year and 1 month.  Daughter Florence S. married  H. L. Snediker, but died at the age of 27 years and 3 months.  Son George W. married Kate & died at 43 years and 4 months, George died of a gun shot to the head in 1909 while hunting.   Daughter Ida P. committed suicide by shooting herself in the head, on March 06, 1903, because her mother & father objected to the man she wanted to marry; she was 33 years & 7 months old at the time.  She also was despondent from having TB at the same time.  Son William L. married Della F. Ferguson who was born November 30, 1875 in Beaver Creek Township Ohio.  She is the daughter of William W. Ferguson & Anna Maria Harshman.  William Lewis died while living with his son William Samuel Evans, in Darien Conn.  Eliza & Jonathan Evans moved to Greene County Ohio sometime in 1882.  Both Eliza & Jonathan & children are buried in the Dayton, Ohio Woodland Cemetery.

Most of the Evans family, including Jonathan's parents and brothers and sisters, lived in what is now the Dayton, Oregon District, on or near Green and Tecumseh Streets.  Jonathan's father Rowland D. Evans, was a druggist here in Dayton Ohio.  In 1911 John & Russell Evans ran the EVANS BROS GROCERY at 2501 East Fifth Street in Dayton, Ohio.

          Other Evans I found in the Dayton City Directory:

George B. Evans ........ Physician & Surgeon, practice limited to Proctology, Genito-Urinary Diseases & Gynecology; office & residence 17 S. Wilkinson, Dayton, Ohio, his wife is listed as Sannie B.

C. W. Evans .......... Physician, office and residence, 172 S. McClure.

H. C. Evans  ........ Agent M. I. S. T. ; Murray's Infallible Systems Tonic, office353 E. 5th n e c Pine.

Eliza was listed in the Dayton Ohio census records as a housewife, lived in Greene County Ohio most of her adult life.   Note Penny 8/94 says the names of Stroup, Carl Ohmar and Harold Tansy were written on a page of Eliza's things (was this Oney King Procuniar's thighs).

Eliza & Jonathan's son William Lewis Evans purchased a farm in Bath Township, Greene County Ohio & started his family while living on that farm.  In 1942 the US Government acquired that land (claimed public domain to build Patterson Air Field) from William L. & Della (Ferguson) Evans; the deed was dated September 1, 1942 for the sum of $18,790.00  This amount was deemed fair market value for that time.  Later William L. Evan's son William S. Evans wrote the Real Estate Army Corps of Engineers in February of 1975 asking, then demanding, for more compensation for his fathers land but was denied any further compensation. William S. Evans died in January of 2002.  I have a Xerox copy of a photo of that farm.  Williams family brought his body from Conn. back to Dayton, Ohio to be buried next to his mother & father in Woodland Cemetery.

Other Sources:
The Bragonier Family by Georgiana H. Randall 1969.
The Bragunier Family in America by Brittian Bragunier Robinson 1969
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