Harry Procuniar 1879-1906
Clarence Procuniar 1881-1906
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Harry Procuniar born on 13 May 1879 in Montgomery County,
 Dayton, Ohio; died 27 May 1906 in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois.
 On 04 June 1904 married Marie E. Rich age 23 On the US
 Census Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio Marie Rich was
 a boarder (aged 19) living in the John F. & Agnes F, Procuniar
 (Procunion) house.  Four years later Marie married Harry Procuniar.
Harry died two years after his marriage to Marie.  

Clarence Procuniar born on 26 Nov 1880 in Montgomery County,
 Dayton, Ohio, died 26 April 1906 in Chicago, Illinois.
Both Harry & Clarence are the sons of John Franklin
 Procuniar (1855-1918) & Agnes Fredericka Basore (1856-1927).
After moving to Cook County, Chicago Illinois with his parents and
 family in 1902 or 1903 Clarence met and married Helen J. Crosby
on 08 Sept 1904.  Clarence died just two years later in 1906.

Children: None that this author can find other then rumors.

Note by David C Procuniar
Clarence Procuniar showed up in my family research in 1991 by checking the Census and birth records of Montgomery County Dayton, Ohio.  Also I found Clarence in the census records listed as a Clerk,  with the surname of  Brocuniar 1900 Ohio Census, Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Listed in the Cincinnati City Index as a clerk in his fathers store.  No records for Clarence Procuniar after this 1900 Census in Cincinati but he showed up in the census in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois. 

However in Chicago an Aunt Marie Procuniar shows up with Patricia Elithe Horner Lamb's family. Pictures of Aunt Procuniar with Gertrude Procuniar McNeil are in the family albums.

January 14, 2003 Debbie Volpe while doing family research found a Clarence Procuniar buried in Oak Ridge - Glen Oak Cemetery, Hillside, Illinois along with his father, mother, brother and other Procuniar's.  Clarence and Harry died in 1906.

Birth & death on death certificate

Brothers died 31 days apart
Harry Procuniar
Born = May 13, 1879 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio
Died = May 27, 1906 in Chicago, Illinois
(27y - 0m - 14d)

Clarence Procuniar
Born = Nov 26, 1880 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio
Died = April 26, 1906 in Chicago, Illinois
(25y - 5m - 0d)

Harry & Clarence came to Illinios with their parents in 1903, then both died three (3) years later in 1906.

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David C Procuniar 3598 Harry Truman Drive, Beavercreek, Ohio 45432
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Marie Rich  wife of Harry Procuniar