James D. Bragunier 1843-1925
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James D. Bragonier, born 15 May 1843 in Washington County, Hagerstown, Maryland, died 23 June 1925 in Maryland; born to the parents of Daniel Bragonier (1797-1858) & Rosanna Horner (1805-1860).  James older brother Upton Hower Bragonier was 21 years old when James was born.  James married Elizabeth Howe or Hose on 26 February 1866, together they had 13 children.

For some reason on January 5, 1860 Alfred Merrick was appointed James guardian .  (James was only 17 at the time the guardianship was granted, his father had already died by that time (1858)).  James mother was ill early in 1860 and died about ten months later).  At the age of 21 James enlisted in the Army, served in the Civil War and received a pension, along with his wife (application 419184), Certification 1123326; his wife received a pension #1234846 Certification 965123.

Private in Company "C", 60th Ohio Infantry, James enlisted in New Jasper, Greene County, near Xenia, Ohio & was a prisoner of war at Andersonville Prison.  His estate was distributed on 9 April 1926.  James is buried Rose Hill Cemetery Hagerstown Maryland, his last residence just before he enlisted in the Civil War in 1864 was P.O. Box Xenia, Ohio.  This author has no idea who James guardian Alfred Merrick was or if Alfred was related? 

Children:  (13) 
Sarah E. Bragonier born 15 November 1866 Washington County, Maryland.  May have died young. 
Laura Lucinda Bragonier, 01 January 1868 Washington County, Maryland.  Married twice there were no children from   either marriage;married 1st Michael J. Laurence 29 Jan 1889, married 2nd Benjamin Franklin Wyant sometime after 1926.  Laura supplied family history to BBR back in 1969 for his book.
Louisa May Bragonier, born 1869-1870 
Daisy Evers Bragonier, born 1870- married Frederick Stauffer 1890,  married Frederick Stauffer 23 Oct 1890 while                                                living in Maryland.  One child named William Stauffer 
Mary Jane Bragonier, born April 1872 died July 1872 
Thomas Martin Bragonier, born 1873- married three times, no children by any marriage.
Tyron EdwardBragonier 1875-1946  married Annie L. Rice 1900, they had 11 children.
Nettie Virginia Bragonier, 1877  Married twice,  No children from either marriage. 
Francis Florence Bragonier, 1879-1944 Married Isaac Clayton Hyde 1898, born 1875 died 1937.
Emma Jean Bragonier, 1880-  married Claude Schindel
Franklin Cleveland Bragonier, 1883- married Martha E. Corwell, has six children; Theo, Clarence, Lola, Sarah, Laura & Marcelle.  Franklin was living in Blair Valley just north of Clear Springs, MD.
Clyde Leslie Bragonier, 1885-  Married Edith A. Barbour 1908, they have 8 children. 
Bessie P Bragonier 1886- married Albertus D. Delosier.  Bessie is Albertus' second wife.

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