Mary Gertrude Procunier 1897-1987
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Mary Gertrude Procunierthe daughter of Thomas Henry Procunier & Caroline May Buchner; married John Flower Nicholson on 04 Oct 1919 in Seattle, Washington.  Mary Gertrude was born 28 Jul 1897 at Garden City, S. Dakota, died 11 Jan 1987 at Vashon Island, WA. 

Children: (2)
John Frederick Nicholson 1923- married Shirlee Delores Dewar (1925-1979);
         Two Children:
              Andrea Jean Nicholson 1947, married Wesley Vollmer;
                     Children: Alexander Vollmer & Thomas Wesley Vollmer 1976
              John Dewar Nicholson 1953.  married Gail Venator

Barbara Bell note 1997
It is this Jack that I sent you the copy of his long letter...His brother James, (Jim) not too well, I understand); never did answer my request for info on his immediate family.  BEB 4/97 6360 NE 159TH ST. BOTHEL, WA 98011

**Just to let you know, but you need not speak of it to Jack (unless he has passed away) or if you write him as it might cause him sad memories;   BUT HIS FATHER WENT TO COLLECT RENT FROM ONE OF THE TENANTS IN AN APARTMENT HOUSE HE MANAGED, AND NEVER CAME HOME WHEN MARY EXPECTED HIM TOO. AFTER A CERTAIN LENGTH OF TIME  (??) SHE CONTACTED ONE OF THE BOYS  (???) AND HE WENT TO INVESTIGATE.  He found his father dead, and he had been murdered.  As far as I know they never found out who did the deed.  (And I may not have all the details of the story in exact detail.....) BEB 4/97

James Thomas Nicholson   1928- married Norma Irene Cook (1929-1976)
             Three Children:
                       Mark Jay Nicholson 1952 married Frankie Ray; daughter Adrienne Nicholson
                       Maxine Elaine Nicholson 1954 married Douglas Lee Ousley
                       Marshall Murray Nicholson 1956

About John Flower Nicholson:
Letter from Barbara Bell 1997
JACK NICHOLSON living at 16933 Inglewood Rd. N.E.    Bothell, Wn 98011 .. 1997.

Jack is the only one I know now that might be able to help both you and me add more info to our Family records.   HIS MOTHER WAS WINNIE'S BABY  SISTER, MARY PROCUNIER, SHE DIED SOME YEARS AGO. Her husband, "Uncle John", was murdered some years ago when he went to collect rent where he managed an apartment bldg.

Winnie's oldest sister, was IDA, SHE MARRIED A MATT MUIR, A CAREER ARMY MAN, AS FAR BACK AS WW1.  BOTH OF THEM DIED WHILE THE TWO CHILDREN WERE TEEN-AGERS.  THEY WERE MATT MUIR, Jr. and his sister, who at the moment we forget her name, but it is in records.

The Second eldest sister was ELIZABETH, WHO MARRIED JOHN VAN EMLIN;  THEY, OF COURSE ARE BOTH GONE.  THEIR ADOPTED SON, DIED IN WW 2;  they also had a daughter, her name was Lois, but she is now gone too.

Then came Florence Luella, and she married a Mr. Thiel;  They are both gone too, but as far as we know, there is at least one child who is yet living. Her name is Mary Lou Basom, and her husband is Robert. They were Catholics and had a large family of children. Mary Lou's address the last we knew was:  5878 South Captain Vancouver Dr. Langly.Wn. 98260.

Then came Winnie;  then came Mary, and I mentioned her up above. Mary Lou and Jack and Allan were all in the same age group. Allan will be 75 yrs in May.

Allan just told me that when Mary Lou's children were tiny and they lived only a few doors away from GRANDMA PROCUNIER, THAT WHEN SHE CAME TO VISIT AT MARY LOU'S OR THEY WENT TO SEE GRANDMA,  THEY CALLED HER "CUNIER"  OR A SIMILAR SOUNDING NAME.  She may have been in her 80's at the time.  I want to tell you I think that those papers I sent  "Snail mail" the other day to you gave info on Winnie and her sisters.  I did just now found addresses for JACK NICHOLSON'S DAUGHTER ANDREA JEAN VOLLMER,   AND HIS SON. JOHN DEWAR NICHOLSON, BUT DO NOT KNOW IF THEY ARE CURRENT. BEST TO GET UPDATE FROM JACK HIMSELF.

There was, at one time, a woman named HELEN FOLVIN: This lady was the widow of Claude Van Emilen, the adopted son of Elizabeth, who did die in ww2.  Allan says that they had 2 children, one a boy and one a girl.  And these children lived with Elizabeth for some time (?) after their dad had been killed and Helen was widowed.

I'm going to sign off now.  Allan  enjoyed the photos of your house, and was impressed with the fact that your grandfather and you are master carpenters too.  He also just told me how, even though you and I are interested in Comp. etc. his grandpa Pro, was one of the very first people in Green Lakes area who had a battery run Radio. Al said that the radio itself was in front room and battery etc, was in the basement below it.  Al says, please comment on whether or not you find this interesting. Oh, by the way, too, Al's brother WILL and our son Bruce, (as I already told you) were/are interested in HAM AND C.B. RADIOS.  Will is nearly blind now so doesn't do to much of that anymore, at least to our knowledge.
                                                                                                                            Barbara Bell 1997

Main Source:  Barbara (Baird) Bell

Other Sources:
The Bragonier Family by Georgiana H. Randall 1969.
The Bragunier Family in America by Brittian Bragunier Robinson 1969
First Reformed Church of Hagerstown Maryland church records on LDS micro-film

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