Melvin Thomas Procunier 1902-1979
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Melvin Thomas Procunier The son of George Andrew Procunier & Frances A. Stephenson.  Melvin was married in Troy, Idaho 1924 to Alpha Frances Helm 1904-1990.  Melvin was a farmer, died of a heart attack.


Roberta Thelma Procunier 1925- 

Gerald Melvin Procunier 1926-

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Roberta Thelma Procunier Swenson

BIO of Melvin Thomas Procunier 1902-1979
by Roberta Thelma Procunier Swenson may 1992

Melvin was born on September 17, 1902, to George Andrew & Frances Ann Stephenson Procunier in the small town of Melrose, Idaho.  Melvin was the first of three children born to George & Frances.  A sister, Thelma, now lives in Renton, Washington & a brother, Norris, who lives in Phoenix. Arizona.

The family moved to Canada when Melvin was four years old. George homesteaded there, but because of the long winters & short growing seasons with slow operating equipment, he gave up farming in Canada & returned to a small farming community east of Moscow, Idaho, called Troy in July of 1919, where Melvin was to live the rest of his life. 

Melvin attended a barn dance where he met a young lady, Alpha Helm.  They married on 30 Jan 1924 & at a much later date, owned the barn where the barn dance was held.  Melvin & Alpha started their married life by renting a small farm & that became their occupation until Melvin retired at the age of 64.

They had a son, Gerald, & a daughter, Roberta.  Gerald & Roberta both lived in Spokane, Washington.  Gerald married Rosemary Horey & has three children & five grandchildren.  Roberta married Roy Swenson, & they had two children & five grandchildren. 

During the depression years when Melvin & Alpha were raising their family, Roberta remembers that, though it took planning to buy clothing, shoes, & household supplies, there was always plenty of good food on the table.

After their family was raised, Melvin & Alpha became interested in civic affairs in the Troy-Moscow area. Melvin was a member of the Latah County Agriculture Stabilization & Conservation Service committee for seven years.  He also was a Veteran member of the Old Time Fiddlers, Grange, & Troy Senior Citizens. 
Melvin died on July 23, 1979 at the farm home, & was buried in the Moscow Cemetery at the age of 76.
Roberta Procunier Swenson 1992

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LeftMelvin Thomas Procunier (center of photo) with The Latha County Old Time Fiddlers

Photo submitted by Roberta Procunier Swenson 1992
Photo taken by Roberta Procunier Swenson