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Pamela Ellen Procuniar; daughter of William Clifford Procuniar (1912-1976) & Ruth R. Reitman (1914-1983); Pam was born on 03 Jul 1942 in Chicago, Illinois; married Ira Morton Goldberg on 28 May 1967, Ira was born on 27 Feb 1936 in Byrn Mawr, Pennsylvania.  Ira married 1st Judy  (They were divorced in 1966)

Sarah Jennifer Goldberg  1968
       Douglas Lepro (a mathematician) 16 Aug 1998 
Rachel Ellen Goldberg 1971
   married Paul Glenn 16 July 2002
            William Charles Procuniar Goldberg 2008
            Fiona Lillian Dorothy Goldberg 2010 NJ
            Cordelia Ruth Teitman Goldman 2010 NJ

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Above: Pam Ellen Procuniar & Ira Morton Goldberg on their wedding day May 28, 1967
Above: Photo taken at the Procunier/Procuniar Reunion in Chicago Illinois in 1994
Below: Pam's BIO I wrote in my September 1992 Chronicles:

Pamela Procuniar Goldberg
The first time I had contacted Pam was on January 25, 1992. While searching for more family members to add to my Journal, I had contacted Pam's Uncle George Procuniar (#1236) in California, on November 03, 1992, to see if we were related. I had found George's name in the phone listings. George wrote me back and things seemed to blossom from there. George told me that his niece Pamela had been doing some family history and she would love to hear from me. Pamela and Debby Volpe (#1892) had been doing their family genealogy along with their cousin Corey Procuniar (#1240), but had only gotten as far as their great grandfather John Franklin Procuniar (#861). They knew that John Franklin was from Cincinnati but that's as far as they had gotten until I came into the picture. Boy were they surprised to find out that they had cousins coming out of their hair! The family list has been growing ever since. Pam and I hit it off right from the start, of course the common denominator was genealogy, but we had history in general as an interest! When contacting a new cousin that you didn't even know existed, it can bring some real surprises. For one, Pam sent me these impressive credentials listing her education as graduating from The University of Pennsylvania Law School. 

Class rank after three years, top 15 %
Undergraduate University of Chicago

She also was an attorney and associate professor of law at Rutgers-Camden (NJ.) School of Law. In 1976 she belonged to the DC & Maryland bars & was doing research on the rights of children. In 1962 Pam chaired the Student Committee for Community Cooperation as a junior in college. She also organized the Woodlawn Tutoring Project for elementary school youngsters, and did legal work with the San Francisco Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation, that involved Pam in a variety of school problems.

1992 ... Private practice, primarily in employment Law.  Pam and her husband Ira Goldberg were involved in writing to encourage President Nixon to "Release his Tapes" in July 1973.

Ira also comes with top credentials:

Law School University of Pennsylvania
Class rank
First in class first two years
Second in class third year
Undergraduate University of Pennsylvania

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit 1967-1968; Appellate Litigation for the NLRB Associate Professor of Law, Rutgers U. of Law-Camden 1972-77
1992 ... Private practice primarily in Labor and Employment Law.

The list goes on and on! The past several years both Pam and Ira have been involved in cases involving Professors obtaining or keeping tenor. Pam has sent me newspaper clippings of herself in March 1962 participating in a 300 student sit-in, inside and out of President Beadle's office. Both student and nonstudent members of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) were arrested at University Realty Management during that sit-in.

What we have here, is a little Rebel on our hands!! If I ever get into any trouble I want the team of Pamela and Ira Goldberg definitely on my side! Along with her duties as Ira's law partner, Pam still finds time to collect porcelain dolls, write me on a regular basis and keep in touch with the rest of the Procuniar/ier Clan. On page 3 9 you will see more pictures that Pam has sent me to be put in the Newsletter. Pam and Ira live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Daughter Sarah, lives in Madison Wisconsin and daughter Rachel is job hunting in DC since her recent graduation from Wisconsin University in May 1992 (see page 20).