Quimby Allen Brecunier 1867-1930
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Quimby Allen Brecunier, the son of Peter L. Brecunier (1834-1913) & Susan Marie Riddelsbargar (1843- ??); Quimby was born on 29 Aug 1867 in Lee County., Franklin Grove, Illinois, died on 27 Oct 1930 in Franklin Grove, Illinois; Quimby married 1st Stella Haughtelin (30 Jun 1874 - 01 Aug 1897) married on 25 Oct 1894 in Franklin Grove, Illinois; Quimby married 2nd Anna Hawbecker on 31 Dec 1898, Anna was born on 16 Jan 1872 in Upton, Pennsylvania. 

Children: by Stella Haughtelin
Wilbur Houghtelin Brecunier born 01 Dec 1895 in Nachusa, Illinois, died 20 Feb 1978 in Ashton, Illinois 61006
Wilbur married Grace Sarwine on 23 Jun 1922, Grace was born on 04 Apr 1896, died on 21 Jul 1961.

Children: by Anna Hawbecker
    An Adopted daughter

Main Source:
Nancy Lee Bates & John Brecunier 20870 SW 87th Court, Tualatin, Oregon  97062

Quimby was a Proprietor, at the Franklin Creamery;  he was a Dunkard.  Quimby & Anna took a child, a daughter to into their home to raise as their own.

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