Richard Isaac Procunier 1876-1962
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Richard Isaac Procunier, the son of Peter Procunier & Ann Evans; Richard married his second cousin, Donna Jean Procunier; Richard born on 18 Aug 1876 in Port Royal, Canada; died on 07 Nov 1962.  Donna was born on 06 Feb 1880 in the Foster Settlement, Ontario, Canada; died on 05 Dec 1971.  Donna is the daughter of Henry Procunier & Roxielena Titus.  This author does not know where either Richard or Donna are buried.

Gertrude Mae Procunier 1901-1985
Henry Chesley Procunier 1903-1977 married Thelma Thompson
Demus Bruce Procunier 1904-1984  married Helen Thompson
Olive Bernice Procunier 1906-1976  married Austin Emerson
Eva Beatrice Procunier 1907  married Russell Good
Bertha Helen Procunier 1908 married Howard Forsythe
Lela Procunier 1910-1991 married Basil Travis
Peter Arthur Procunier 1912 married someone named Ruth
Fred Lorne Procunier 1913  married someone named Evelyn
Carrie Evelyn Procunier 1916  married Glen Travis
Charles Malcomb Procunier 1918-1995  married someone named Celia
Dorothy Elizabeth Procunier 1922  married Kenneth Lee

Second Cousins - Note the common grandparent
Richard Isaac Procunier 1876-1962
                                   Peter Procunier 1851-1911
                                          Anthony Weymer Procunier 1823-1884
                                                  Henry Procunier Sr 1792-1842 (Common Grandparent)
                                          Peter Procunier 1820-1884
                                   Henry Procunier 1848-1900
                             Donna Procunier 1880-1971


The Bragonier Family by Georgiana H. Randall 1969.
The Bragunier Family in America by Brittian Bragunier Robinson 1969
First Reformed Church of Hagerstown Maryland church records on LDS micro-film

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