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               The email below started off the lineage research of John Henry Procunier 1877-1958

From: Catherine Lekas [] 
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2006 2:30 AM

Dear David ~

My name is Catherine Lekas and my maternal grandfather was John Henry Procunier born January 24, 1877 and died August 30, 1958. I noticed you had his date of death wrong. His daughter, Leah Rachel Procunier, was my mother. She died November 7, 2004 and I was working on our family history at the time of her death. I have some information that she gave me but haven't worked on it for some time now but am inspired to do so now by all your hard work. I will keep in touch as and when I get started on this again. In all reality it probably won't be until after the forthcoming busy holdiays.
My niece sent me your website and I've been going over it this evening and find it fascinating.
       Will keep in touch.
        Catherine Lekas

          The outline below was created to list where Margaret & Catherine fit into our family tree!

Isaac Procunier 1809-1857  (Isaac's father was Peter Procunier, JR 1764-1847)
William Daniel Procunier 1851-1884  (four children)
George Andrew Procunier 1872-1932
Melvin Thomas Procunier 1902-1979      (1st cousin of Leah Rachel Procunier)
Roberta Thelma Procunier Swenson 1925- 
Linda Marie Swenson (3rd cousin of Leah Suzanne Juhasz)
David Roy Swenson  (3rd cousin of Stephen Michael Juhasz)
Thelma Mae Procunier 1904-2005
Norris Elbert Procunier 1908-1994
Harry Arthur Procunier 1874-1935   (Served in WW I    click HERE) 
John Henry Procunier 1877-1958   (Served in WW I    click HERE)
Leah Rachel Procunier 1918-2004          (1st cousin of Melvin Thomas Procunier)
Elroy Herbert Miner 1937-2002
Margaret Mary Miner 1938-
Leah Suzanne Juhasz(2nd cousin once removed of Roberta Procunier Swenson)
Stephen Michael Juhasz   (2nd cousin once removed of Roberta Procunier Swenson)
George Edward Miner 1942-
Leah Catherine Miner Barker 1946-  
Marion Ann Procunier 1919-
John Harry Procunier 1921-
Lawrence G. Procunier 1923-1989
David Lawrence Procunier 1884-1961

Note:      Roberta Thelma Procunier Swenson
 Margaret Mary Miner Avery

 Roberta & Margaret  are Second Cousinas well as Leah Catherine Lekas

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The Bragonier Family by Georgiana H. Randall 1969. 
The Bragunier Family in America by Brittain Bragunier Robinson 1969. 
First Reformed Church of Hagerstown Maryland church records on LDS micro-film. 

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