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Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2006 4:35 PM
Subject: St Williams Ontario

Dear Mr Procuniar,
Having just read 'A Word from David Charles Procuniar' dated November 2006 I thought I would contact you re a mystery in my genealogy project.

My grgrgr grandfather Schuyler Stowe also lived in St Williams and later Port Rowan.  He is buried at Newkirk cemetery in St Williams kind of across a lane from Johnson cemetery.  One of the Procunier's in St Williams named a son Schuyler Stowe Procunier who I was able to follow to California.  I don't believe he married.

My big question is why was a Procunier son named Schuyler Stowe.  There is a family trend to name children with related surnames; ie, Sands, Cope, Price.  Do my Stowe's connect somehow to Procunier???  Is Gitty Ann, the wife of 
Schuyler Stowe, the connection???

I have for a while believed that the Price family in Norfolk county figures into my Stowe project.  The first place I find Schuyler is 1841 on Price property.  And the Price name comes up over and over along with Ellis, Procunier, Cope, Cowan, Provan.

Today while going through the 1851 Charlotteville, Norfolk census I found a single Leah Price living with her single brother, David Price - I'm assuming they are brother and sister - with a little boy, member of family named Henry Brock, attending school - the school is very nearby.  Schuyler Stowe had a daughter named Leah with initial P - was she Leah Price Stowe???  Price connects with many of the same names as Procunier.  I believe my connection is somewhere in all this information but I just can't find what I need to clinch it.

Seeing the project you have produced I'm hoping you might have a suggestion or even be able to direct me.  Many thanks for 'listening'.

P. S.. Schuyler Stowe Procunier has to mean something more I believe than that Schuyler was a good friend to his father.

Second email ...
I also found Schuyler Stowe Procunier age 25 in Colorado, Gilpin County, Central City with brothers Daniel 39, James, 32 and sister (assume sister) Helen age 28.  Helen was keeping house, the men were wood choppers.  All were born in Canada.  Beside Daniel's name the value of personal property was $980.

I too found Schuyler Procunier in California in 1910 Census T624, Roll 101, Part 2, Page 663, San Francisco County, San Francisco.  He was a lodger, age 65, born Canada, father born in PA, mother in Canada.  He became US citizen in 1865, was a stableman working in a stable, livery, single, can read and write.  I searched for Schuyler Stowe Procunier hoping to find something/anything that might help me find more information re my grgrgr grandfather, Schuyler Stowe.

I still feel, given the habit of the Procunier's in naming their children with surnames of family, that Schuyler Stowe Procunier could be a clue to finding more information for my Stowe project.  I could see Schuyler but both Schuyler and Stowe as the name makes me very curious.

The P initial for Leah P Stowe born ca 1832 (daughter of Schuyler Stowe) could be P for Procunier but when I found Leah Price in Charlotteville, and finding the Stowe's at the Price farm in 1841 I got excited that the P was for Price.  Lots more work to do!

Sincerely, Joanna Stowe Morrow

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