A word from David Charles Procuniar
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A word from David Charles Procuniar
Author and webmaster of this website!

I want to explain to everyone viewing this website why I took on this monumental task of placing "all" the Procuniar’s, Procunier’s, Bragunier’s, Bragonier’s, Brockunier’s etc into one website & into three family tree’s.

                   (The Procunier Family Tree - The Bragonier Family Tree & The Rohrer Family Tree)

My initial goal was to just place my family lineage from my 4th great grandfather Peter Brockunier Sr down through me which in its self became a very large task.  Then other families (other branches) of the Peter Brockunier Sr family (mainly the Peter Procunier Jr lineage) began asking if I would place their lineage on my website to generate more research.  I agreed with the stipulation that who ever submitted their lineage to be placed on my website would also be responsible for its content and be available whenever someone questioned their data or was just asking about their data.  I tried to find some source that you will find on each page so you can go to that source if needed.

So after laying down the above guidelines I preceded in placing all of the above families on my website.  As of 01/21/2007 there are 431 pages to this website! Some information is from the early 1990’s and “may” be in error but I can answer only for my own lineage.  I have often received letters and/or emails from individuals saying “You have the wrong birth or death date; or you have the wrong spelling of a surname on your website”; without providing any proof other then “well grandma or grandpa says so”.   Hopefully you will understand that there are “Sources of Proof” that must guide you in your family search to add credibility to your research.  Click that link above and read over the Sources very carefully.

Those of you who “Insist” that I place your adopted children’s names in your data must understand that as an amateur genealogist (for me this is a hobby and not my profession) “Adopted family members are not blood related and must not be considered in our True Family Tree!  "Their True Blood Lines" run in another family tree and must not be duplicated here! 

An example is Norris Elbert Procunier's adopted son Donald Norris Procunier; Donald has four sons who all have the surname of Procunier but are not blood related, they do however have the Procunier surname.  Out of respect for Norris I placed his adopted son Donald Norris Procunier in my data but noted that he was adopted so no one will confuse his blood line.  Anyone who objects with the word "Adopted" next to their name, please notify me so I can remove your name from this website.

Even though I realize that there are rules for genealogist that I must abide by, I do understand the "family bond" that adopted individuals acquire over the years with their adopted families.

I have also come across several people in my research with the surname spelling of both Procuniar & Procunier who are obviously not Blood Related; they were either adopted or born out of wedlock by divorced/single mothers who kept the Procuniar-Procunier-Bragunier-Brecunier etc surname after their divorce.

I certainly do not claim all the research on this website as my own, nor do I take credit for any errors or data that someone else provided that later proved to be false or misleading!

Thank you again for visiting my family genealogy website, hopefully before I pass on to the Heavens that all of the lineages on this website can be connected or information that will place them where they belong. 

                                                                                                  David Charles Procuniar                  1/3/2007

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