Caroline Mary Bragunier born 1896-1982
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Caroline Mary Bragunier, The daughter of Thomas David Bragunier (1839-1925) and Jeanetta Strong & possibly the second child from that marriage. Caroline is said to have an older brother David A. Bragunier (born out of wedlock).  From what I have been able to piece together Caroline gave birth to a child, a girl, out of wedlock when Caroline was 25 years old and named her Rosemary Jeanette Bragunier.  Rosemary (now goes by Jeanette) was born on February 9th 1922.  Back in the 20's when a woman gave birth to a child and was unmarried she usually gave her current surname to the child and not the fathers surname.  Thus Caroline and her daughter Rosemary Jeanette shared the surname of Bragunier.

Caroline being a single mother and for whatever reasons decided not to raise her daughter and gave her daughter to a friend to raise who lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Jeanette was about three or four years at that time).  Caroline disappeared from her daughter's life about that time.  About four years after Caroline gave her daughter to a friend to raise (circa 1925) she married a man named Coe Lehman and at the same time Caroline changed her first name to Constance.  Caroline thus became Constance Lehman until her death in 1982.  I can only guess that Caroline (now Constance) wanted to start a new life with her husband without any memory of the past (thus the reason for changing her name).  Either Caroline/Constance did not tell her husband she had a daughter out of wedlock or he knew but didn't want to raise his wife's daughter from her past.  Caroline/Constance moved to Tucson, Arizona with her new husband and lived there for many years before moving to Burlington, Colorado. She stayed married to Coe Lehman until he died.

The informant on Caroline/Constance's death certificate in 1982 is listed as a friend named Pauline Morrison who at that time lived at 251  16th Street in Burlington, Colorado 80807.  Caroline/Constance was living at 465  5th Street in Burlington, Colorado 80807 when she died.  Her death certificate lists the immediate cause of death as "Cerebral Vascular Accident" with Carcinoma of the Pancreas.

Main Source: Jeanette Bragunier Hutson from Houston, Texas from research notes she shared with this author in 2001.

Rosemary Jeanette Bragunier born 1922 

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