Rosemary Jeanette Bragunier born 1922
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Rosemary Jeanette Bragunier born February 9, 1922 in Denver Colorado.
Jeanette was the daughter of Caroline Bragunier and has never known her father nor her maternal grandparents. Jeanette married Carl Hutson in 1950 and together they have four children.  Carl was born on 20 Jun 1922 in Tuskogee, Oklahoma; died 19 August 2004 in Houston, Texas.

As I said before I knew nothing about Caroline Bragunier being the daughter of Thomas David Bragunier until Jeanette Bragunier Hutson contacted me in February of 2001 via the Internet after she found my website.  Jeanette, born out of wedlock, did not know who her grandparents were until she wrote the state of Colorado for her mother's death certificate in June of 1999.  There on her mother's death certificate were the names of her grandfather Thomas David Bragunier and her grandmother Janette Strong.  With the new information she just found about her maternal grandparents, Jeanette tried searching for her grandparents under the names given on her mother's death certificate by writing the Teller County Clerk in Cripple Creek, Colorado but they wrote back saying they have nothing in their files on either of her grandparent's names.  So you can see how surprised Jeanette was to find her grandfather's name on my website and to learn all about him and his Bragunier family. 

Jeanette wrote us saying "Until I wrote for my mother's death certificate I didn’t have a clue as to whom my grandparents were as I never really lived with my mother past the age of three or four.  When my mother moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma (circa 1925) she left me with a woman she apparently knew.  This lady later became my foster mother and was a wonderful person.  Why my mother came to Tulsa, I haven’t a clue.  At about eight years of age I was placed in the Frances Willard Home for Girls.  It was a Presbyterian Home (orphanage) and I stayed there until I reached the age of eighteen.  Then I returned to live with my foster mother where I attended college for a while and then secured a good job." 

"About the same time I entered the Presbyterian Home (about 1930) my mother (Caroline Bragunier) aged 34 married a man named Coe Lehman, she also changed her first name to Constance and moved to Tucson.  She lived there for many years before moving to Burlington, Colorado.  She stayed married to Coe Lehman until he died.  I only saw my mother a couple of times, as I recall, during all those years but she did inquire about me through my foster mother.  Basically my mother and I were strangers.  I thought she had died shortly after about 1959 as I was told she was seriously ill and thought she had died.  My foster mother died shortly afterwards and I had no further contact with my birth mother.  My mother never had any other children." 

"After I finished school I went to work for a large firm in Tulsa in the accounting Department where I worked until I married at age 28 to Carl Hutson.  My husband graduated from Oklahoma University.  He worked as a geophysicist with an oil company.  Thus our travels began, after leaving Tulsa we were sent to Oklahoma City, Great Bend Kansas & New Orleans.  We spend 12 years in New Orleans before moving to Houston where we now live.  I have three sons and one daughter who all live within 30 minutes of us.  I have four grandsons and three granddaughters.  My husband has been working on his family for about six years and has found it hard going in some instances; however, he has found a lot of factual information.  From what he has found on my side, so far, makes him feel confident that we have found the real "stuff'. 

Main Source:
Jeanette Bragunier Hutson, June 2001
12611 Taylorcrest Road,
Huston, TX  77024

Marc Hutson
Eric Hutson
Burke Hutson
Heather Hutson

Other Sources used as a reference: 
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Jeanette (Bragunier) & Carl Hutson
Photos taken in 2001