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David Charles Procuniar ... I was born July 17, 1945 in Dayton, Ohio.  My parents were John Thomas Procuniar SR and Elizabeth Dawn Voight.   My father was still in the Army at the time of my birth and was not present when I was born.  My father was born in 1919 here in Dayton, Ohio; my mother was born in 1921 in Herkimer, New York.   My early childhood was uneventful except one spring evening at the age of three or four, I fell out of my parent's car on the way to visit my grandparents while the car was traveling at the speed of 50 mph.  My two older siblings were sitting in the back seat when I fell out, but never said a word until my father, who was driving, turned around to look in the back of the car after hearing one of the back doors open and shut.  He noticed that only two of his three kids were sitting in the back seat.  He hit the break and as the car came to a stop he asked my older sister "Where the hell is David?"  After a moment of silence she stated that David fell out of the car back there somewhere pointing out the back window.   It was very dark that night and when my parents got out of the car to look for me, they had no idea where I was since I was knocked unconscious and was not making a sound.  Using a flashlight (that a passing trucker gave them after stopping to help find their little boy) they found me laying in the ditch a few hundred feet back from where the car had stopped.  I have a very hard head so no permanent damage was done!   My first two and one half years of school was at the Mad River School System in  Montgomery County, Ohio.  Mad River (now called Stebbins) was in the process of remodeling the grade school, (at the corner of Harshman and Beatrice) so for the first six months of the first grade I attended the old one room school house that was located on Harshman Road right where Beatrice Drive ends at Harshman.  I told my three children that I attended school in a one room school house when I was a little kid.  Their comment was, " right Dad, and you had to walk to school four miles a day and all uphill both ways, right"!  The following year the new Brandt Grade School was built and I attended school there until my family moved to Beavercreek, Ohio about mid November of 1952. My father was in the construction business and was building houses in Beavercreek, so my family uprooted and moved to where my father's work was. We temporality rented an old farm house on Bellbrook-Fairfield Road where St. Luke Church and school are now located (1997).   My older sister Penny took a few pictures of the old farm house but the only one I have are of us siblings playing out in front of the chicken house and the outhouse! That following spring 1953 we moved into our brand new brick home on Bahns Drive.   In 1955 Beavercreek built a new high school where I attended and eventually graduated from in 1963. After graduation from high school I went to work doing odd jobs, Beermans (maintainence), a Gas Station (pumping gas), working at Elano for a few months until I got a job at one of the many General Motors parts plants, Delco Moraine (now Delphi Chassis).   I was swept into the Army in January of 1965 and spent almost three years in the mountains near beautiful Van Nuys, California (A Battery, 1st Battalion, 56th Artillery , Saugus, California; Los Pinetos Nike Hercules Missile Site above Sand Canyon and San Fernando Valley).  I returned to Ohio after my discharge from the Army (January 1968) and continued to work at Delco Moraine as a Manufacturing Supervisor in their brake division until my retirement.  I now spend the better part of my spare time dedicated to researching my family history, which has brought me to publishing this Web Site!! I married Susan Ann Hall (born in Dayton, Ohio 1946) on November 9, 1968. Susan is a June 1964 graduate of Julienne High School. Together we have three children, Kirk born 1970; Steven born 1972 and Jason born 1976. Susan has been working as a Pre-school Religious Education teacher & teaches the three/four year olds at St. Rita Child Care Center & World of Love, she has been working in child care since 1983. Kirk is a Mechanical Engineer at Honda Corporation of America in Marysville, Ohio.  Kirk has a daughter, Katrina. Steven is a Mechanical Engineer and working at Universal Technology Corp. (UTC) in Beavercreek, Ohio.  Jason is an Electrical Engineer and is working for the Dayton Power & Light Company and has a son Bryson. All three boys graduated from Beavercreek High School & Wright State University.  DCP

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May 2008 Photo ... Sue & I with our three boys  ... L-R
Jason Charles Procuniar; Sue (Hall) Procuniar, Kirk David Procuniar, David Charles Procuniar & Steven Daniel Procuniar
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