Dayton Ohio Procuniars Photo 2005
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Above:  Photo taken at the Procuniar Family Reunion in September 2005
The Reunion was held in Dayton Ohio the Procuniar Family Homestead.
Since that photo was taken two Procuniar descendents were born:
  1- Bryson Charles Procuniar 10 Jan 2006 (son of Jason & Erin Procuniar)
  2- Sean Frederick Connell 17 Sep 2006 (son of Cindy & Bill Connell)
Above: Sue & David Charles Procuniar
Photo taken at David's 60th birthday party 2005
Above & Below  Sue & David Procuniar's
wedding day November 1968
During our Procuniar 2005 Reunion the Procuniar siblings posed for this photo next to their 3rd cousin Orville & Wilbur Wright's cemetery plots at the Dayton Ohio Woodland Cemetery.

L-R  David Procuniar (60); William Procuniar (56) Celia Procuniar DeNinno (57), John T. Procuniar SR. (62) & Penny Procuniar Larson (64) far right.  The other Procuniar sibling Timothy Procuniar (50) chose not to attend the outing.