Jacob Boward 1792-1867
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Jacob Boward The son of Henrich (some say Michael) Baumwart & Margretha ( Prokunier/Brockunier); Jacob was born January 8, 1792 Elizabeth Town, Maryland. Died February 18, 1867 Maryland. Married Catharine (Kitty) Waggoner 26 December 1809 in Washington County, Maryland. Together they had ten children.  Jacob was a farmer and Town Crier, Luthern & Fought in the War of 1812.;  Source: "The Bragonier Family" by Georgiana H. Randall 1969 "The Bragunier Family in America" by Brittian Bragunier Robinson 1969.
Children: (10)
Sarah L. Boward 1812-1892 married Jacob Spielman  born 1836 (Jacob was a Shoemaker by trade)
                 Together they had five children: Jacob, Sarah, James, Wesley & Clare Ida

Elizabeth Boward 1814-1880 married David Yeakle born 1836
         Together they had five children: Ann, Mary, William, Margaret & Frisby D.

David Boward 1815-1890 married Malinda May born 1839
Together they had thirteen children: William, Mary, Levena, Lucenda, David, Julia, Charles, Sarah, Angelene, Ann,                                                           Elizabeth, George & Henry
Rebecca Boward 1822-

William Denton Boward 1824-1861 married Mary A. Rohrer born 1838
          They had four children: Jacob, William, Denton & Edward

Joseph Boward 1827-1904 married Susan born 1847
        Together they had nine children: Amelia, Catherine, Emanuel, Jacob, Ida, Emma, Joseph, Lewis & Alburtis

Upton Boward 1829-1900 married his third cousin Sarah A. Bragonier born 1852
         Together they had seven children: Mary E., Solomon, Charles F., Susan A., Sarah E., Lydia C., & Adelaide D.

John Wesley Boward 1830-1905, died in Middletown, Illinois

Catherine Boward 1832-

George Oliver Boward 1825-1878 married Mary Ann Grontz born 1857
    Three children Jackson, John Wesley & Jennie

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