Margretha Prockunier 1758 - 1830
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Margretha Prockunier, Daughter of Peter & Margaret Prockunier Sr. Peter's surname was spelled Brockunier in his last will & testament.  Margretha was born 1758 Washington County, Maryland, died in 1830 Hagerstown, Maryland. Margretha married before 1791 to Henrich (some say Michael) Baumwart or anglicized Bowars or Boward
Margretha was still alive in her father Peter Sr's 1804 Will; (LSJJ-VL),
LDS Batch #8667709 1396202  9  Peter Sr 1804 Will; (LSJJ-VL)

Children: (9) 
Mary Baumwart/Boward born about 1781 Elizabeth Town, Maryland 
George Baumwart/Boward  born about 1783, married Margaret Burkett. 
Margaret Baumwart/Boward  born about 1784 Elizabeth Town, Maryland
Christina Baumwart/Boward  born about 1789 Elizabeth Town, Maryland
Frederick Baumwart/Boward born 13 June 1790 
  Jacob Baumwart/Boward  born Jan 8, 1792 Elizabeth Town, Maryland 
Sarah Baumwart/Boward  born about 1795 Elizabeth Town, Maryland 
Michael Baumwart/Boward  born 24 Mar 1796 Elizabeth Town, Maryland
              ChildrenAndrew Boward
                    ChildrenAlice Boward
                           ChildAddie Etta Elifritz
                                  ChildCatherine Emmaline Lout 
                                       ChildJohanna Edith Wilson
                                             Child: Jenny Lee Smith              
                                                        2003 email contact with Jenny Lee Smith (but lost all contact shortly thereafter)
Andrew Baumwart/Boward  born 24 Mar 1796 Elizabeth Town, Maryland

1/26/2003 I found out that there is no actual proof that Henrich Boward married Margretha Procunier. Glenn Tomlison says that there is a bible record of this marriage but can't produce a copy. dcp

Henrich Baumwart, b. 21 Jun 1754, Frederick County, Maryland, United States. He married Margretha Procunier, Sep 1776, in Washington Cty, Maryland, United States, b. 17 Nov 1759, Frederick Cty, Maryland, United States, (daughter of Peter Procunier and Margret ???) d. 23 Jan 1844, Walsingham Twp, Norfolk Cty, Ontario. Henrich died 17 Apr 1829, Walsingham Twp, Norfolk Cty, Ontario. Henry Baumwart left his home in Frederick (now Washington) County, Maryland and came to Norfolk County with his family and his brother-in-law Peter Prokunier in about the year 1800.  

Henry purchased 200 acres from James Monro on the 8th of January 1806, in Lot 12, Concession B of Walsingham Township. This property is located on the west side of present-day Highway 59 at the neck of Long Point to the west of Port Rowan. On the 6th of April 1810, he sold 60 acres of his land to his son-in-law Christian Rohrer, then on the 8th of June 1812 he purchased from James Secord 298 additional acres located in Lot 8, Concession B on Lake Erie at Port Royal.

Throughout his life in Norfolk County, Henry was always in the public eye. Between April 1801 and 9th of March 1803 he served on the London District Court as a Traverse Juror. He also served as Grand Juror and Constable for Walsingham between the years of 1806 and 1808. And on the 15th of March 1815, he was appointed Pathmaster of Walsingham. He also served his newly adopted country as a Private in John Backhouse's Company, Norfolk Militia during the War of 1812.
Henry has many descendants who still live in Norfolk County today, but all through his daughters and granddaughters. The Baumwart (or anglicized Bowers) name is no longer to be found in the county.
Last Will and Testament of Henry Baumwart, May 24, 1828:

A Memorial to be registered of the last will and Testament of Henry Baumwart of the township of Walsingham, District of London and Province of Upper Canada, Yeoman deceased. Whereby the said Henry Baumwart hath willed devised and bequeathed unto his eldest son Frederic Baumwart of the township of Walsingham aforesaid, yeoman, the southwest division of Lot number eight in the said township of Walsingham his heirs and assigns forever containing one hundred acres of land and did thereby also will, devise and bequeath unto his sons Henry Baumwart and David Baumwart both of the aforesaid township of Walsingham, yeoman, their heirs and assigns forever, the remainder part of lot number eight in the township of Walsingham to be equally divided between them the said David and Henry, supposed to contain one hundred and eighty acres be the same more or less. And the said Henry Baumwart the Testator hath thereby also willed, devised and bequeathed to his son Jacob Baumwart of Walsingham aforesaid yeoman, the farm known as lot number twelve in the township of Walsingham, his heirs and assigns forever subject to certain terms and conditions in the said will specified. Which said last will and testament is dated the twenty fourth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight, and as to the execution thereof by the said Testator is witnessed by John Troyer of the aforesaid township of Walsingham in the County of Norfolk in the district and Province aforesaid, apothecary, and William Louks of the same place, yeoman and Edward Dickinson of the same place, Gentleman, and this memorial thereof is hereby required to be registered. In witness whereof the aforesaid Jacob Baumwart on of the Devisees in the said Will named has hereunto set his hand seal, this fourteenth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine and in the tenth year of His Majesty's Reign.
(signed) Jacob Baumwart.
  9.iAnna Maria Baumwart b. 6 Jun 1777.
10.iiSusanna Baumwart b. 10 Oct 1778.
iiiElisabetha Baumwart, b. 13 Apr 1780, Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland, baptized 25 Jun 1780, Reformed Church, Hagerstown, Maryland, d. 1780.
ivHenrich Baumwart, b. 4 Feb 1782, Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland, baptized 24 Feb 1782, Reformed Church, Hagerstown, Maryland, d. 1782.
11.vCatherine Baumwart b. 30 Jan 1784.
viJohannes Baumwart, b. 7 Apr 1786, Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland, baptized 17 Apr 1786, Reformed Church, Hagerstown, Maryland. 
12.viiElizabeth Baumwart b. 7 Nov 1787.
viiiHenrich Baumwart, b. 3 Aug 1789, Elizabethtown, Maryland, United States, d. 1789.
13.ixFriderich Baumwart b. 13 Jun 1790.
14.xHenrich Baumwart b. 31 Oct 1793.
15.xiJacob Baumwart b. 1795.
16.xiiDavid Baumwart b. 11 Apr 1801.

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