Peter Brockunier Sr. 1727-1804
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Peter Brockunier Sr., (probably the son of John Nicholas Peckoner SR), born in Germany 1727, died at Hagers Long Hickory, Frederick County, Maryland 1804. He married Margaret __________, who was born a Dutch c. 1733, she died before 1804 in Hagerstown, Maryland. (It is thought by one family genealogist that Peter's wife Margaret's last name was Rohrer but there is no proof of that!)  Peter was a farmer, & attended the Zion Reformed Church in Hagerstown Maryland.  Peter died at his home "Hagar's Long Hickory."
          Ref: Census records for Washington County Maryland; Probated Will of 1804. (LSJJ-R3) Peter spoke mostly German.

Children: (9)

Margretha Brockunier 1759-1830 married Michael Boward before 1781

Lafanna Pragunier   1761-?? married 1st Henry Werner 2nd Mr. Farmer

Elizabeth Brockunier 1763-?? married Martin Etenauer before 1781

Peter Procunier, Jr. 1764-1847 married Mary Elizabeth about 1789

David  Bragonier1767-1814 married Catherine Hetrick 1788  (sister of Elizabeth Hetrick who married his brother Jacob)

Barbara Brockunier 1770-?? married Jacob Rohrer about 1790

Henry Brockunier Sr. 1772-1812 married Rosanna Oaks 11 April 1794

Jacob Brogunier 1772-1842 married 1st Margaretha, 2nd Elizabeth Hetrick 1797

Daniel Brockunier Sr. 1777-1840 married Barbara Rohrer 1800
                  Gr Gr Gr Grandfather of David C. Procuniar


A little history on the Peter Brockunier Sr family:

Peter was a farmer & attended the Zion Reformed Church in Hagerstown Maryland.  He Died at his home often refered to as "Hagar's Long Hickory".  Ref: Census records for Washington County Maryland; Probated Will of 1804.  (LSJJ-R3) Peter's family spoke mostly German & broken English.

German "P" mistaken for "B"
German "C" mistaken for "G"    [Procunier-Brogunier]
German "T" mistaken for "D"     [Tunker-Dunker]

LDS Batch #8667709 1396202  9
Listed as Peter Prakunier as born 1727 Elzos (Alsase) France\Germany & died 1804 near Clear Spring, Washington Co., Maryland, his father is listed as John Nicholas Pelonier (per a family member)

The only records that we have showing that Johan Nichol Peckoner SR was the father of Peter Brockunier SR, is the Bragunier Genealogy in America by Brittian Bragunier Robinson 1969 page 57 and page 58. (Reference of Rev. A. Stapleton's book Memorials of the Huguenots in America, page 135, 1901.) This connection will take more study of the Huguenots, since their records are more detailed for that era.

Possibly additional spellings might be found with more extensive studies. It has been interesting to note the differences in spelling within the same family, in a legal paper and in one instance a daughter in a letter to her father signed her name Bragunier & addressed her father as Brockunier. As evident in 1776, Peter Brockunier Sr. was listed with his last name spelled Prakunier in Elizabeth Hundred True list of all the Souls, then in the 1790's he is listed as Peter Brockunier.

The Maryland Land Office records show the surveyed & parented land of "Hagers Long Hickory" to Peter Bragunier 1760 in Frederick County Maryland. The Bragunier Genealogy by Brittain Bragunier Robinson serves as a record to connect the whole Bragunier line to the Procuniar's through Daniel.

In the first US. Census in 1790 there is one head of a family listed, i.e. Peter Parcunia, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. In addition to Peter was his wife, both over 16 years of age but no children. This Peter Parcunia, is the son of Peter Brockunier Sr.  Peter's last name was spelled Prakunier in the 1776 Frederick County Census.

The most probable progenitor of our family, Johan Nichol Peckoner SR who arrived at Philadelphia on the Ship "Lydia" in September 1740. Captain James Allen brought the ship from Rotterdam. There are no records of Johan Nichol Peckoner SR, that can be found after his entrance to America at Philadelphia in 1740 (under the spelling of Peckoner) except his short existence in Clear Springs, Maryland where his possible brother or cousin George Braggoonner lived. However there are other records in Maryland that continue the Peckoner lineage. For example, Brumbaugh's Maryland Records - TRUE LIST OF ALL THE SOULS ... Elizabeth Hundred in the County of Frederick,... taken August 1776, lists the entire Prakunier (Brockunier) family with Rohrers and Baumwarts.
This 1776 list includes: ....
Peter Prakunier age 49; Peter Jun age 11; Margaret age 42; David age 9; Margretha age 17; Barbara age 6; Lafanna (Susanna) age 15; Henry (twin) age 4; Elizabeth age 13; Jacob (twin) age 4; Born later in 1777 was Daniel my gr gr gr grandfather. In the 1790 Federal Census of Pennsylvania there is a Peter Parcunia (actually Peter Procunier Jr.) in Huntingdon County, one male over 16 and one female over 16.

Note: One reason I use the surname of Brockunier instead of Prakunier for Peter Brockunier Sr is that Peter spelled & signed his surname Brockunier in his "Will" of 1804.

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TRUE LIST OF ALL THE SOULS ... Elizabeth Hundred in the County of Frederick, Maryland
The notebook of Charles W. Bragunier stating his grandmother Barbara was a twin.
The Bragonier Family by Georgiana H. Randall 1969
The Bragunier Family in America by Brittain Bragunier Robinson 1969
First Reformed Church of Hagerstown Maryland church records on LDS micro-film
Worshipful Henry Schnebely's returns lists Peter Brockunier taking the "Patriot's Oath of Fidelity & Support" 1778
Peter was 49 or 50 years old when he took that Oath!

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