Johan Nichol Peckoner Sr 1704 circa 1799
A Thumbnail Biography by David C. Procuniar
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Johan Nichol Peckoner Sr. Possibly the son of Pierre & Marie (de Drebor) Bracounier Jr. Born 1704 in Germany. Johann came to America on the ship Lydia Sept 27, 1740. (Pennsylvania Archives Vol XVII page 197 2d  Ser) On the ships list 76 "A" his name is spelled Johan Nichol Peckoner. On the ships list 76 "B" his name is spelled Johann Nickel Buckener. On the ships list 76 "C" his name is spelled Johan Nickel Boeckener. The Rev. A. Stapleton, Carlisle, Pennsylvania says that some of John Nicholas Peckoner Sr.'s children went to Virginia, however he did not list a source!! There are no records known to this author of this Johan Nichol Peckoner Sr. or his son Johan Nichol Peckoner Jr. after their entry to America in September of 1740 other then the Peckoner family settled near Clear Springs, in Washington County, Maryland.

During my earliest year of research I tried to find any variation of the surname of Procunier.  The LDS church had information that there was a Johan N Peckoner who was a registered Huguenot.  So I wrote the National Huguenot Society in Bloomington, MN in early 1994 and received an answer in October 1994.  Click HERE to see their response!

Other emigrants of the same name also settled in this locality and is evidenced by tombstone records in the old cemetery two miles east of Clear Springs.  Three entries are:
       Michael Bergman born 1738 in Europe; died Dec 17, 1818 age 80 years, 1 month, 15 days.
         This Michael Bergman was married to Eve Bragonier 1752-1827 (Eve born 30 Nov 1752 in Hanover, Germany; died 18           May 1827 in Clear Springs, Maryland).  REF: Stapleton's Memorials of the Huguenots in America

       Eva Bergman wife of Michael & a daughter of George & Ann Eva Brockonier, born Nov 30, 1752 in Hanan Germany.                    Lived & died a member of the Luthern Church

       Catherine Smith, daughter of Michael & Eva Bergman, born Mar 26, 1776 in Berkley County, Virginia; died June 5, 1827                 aged 51-2-10

Conflict Note! ... I have come in contact (June of 1998) with a family genealogist with the surname of Beckner who claim to have Johan Nichol Peckoner SR as their family progenitor.  They published a book "BECKNERS in America" 1996.  However the authors of this book decided to change the spelling of Johan's surname from Peckoner as listed on the ship Lydia's log to Beckner? I can only guess that they changed the spelling from Peckoner to Beckner to further enhance their claim that John Nichol Peckoner/Beckner is their family progenitor.  Who knows they just may be correct?   Per their book these Beckners are said to have come to the Carolinas from Maryland and Pennsylvania!

Children: (if our premise is that Johan Nichol Peckoner Sr. is our family progenitor then these are possibly his children?)

Jacob Burgoon, born about 1720, Alsace-Lorraine, France

John Nicholas Peckoner Jr., born 1725 Germany

Peter Brockunier Sr., born 1727, about 1758
married Margaret. Gr Gr Gr Gr grandfather of David C. Procuniar.

Henry Bragonier, born about 1733/40, married Catherine

George Bragoonier, born about 1741 Maryland.

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