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Peter Procunier, the son of Henry Procuniar (1792-1842) & Frances (Weymer) Manuel (1797-1880); Peter was born January 12, 1820 Port Royal, Norfolk, Ontario, Canada, died July 17, 1884 Port Royal, Norfolk, Ontario, Canada .  Both are buried in the Port Royal Cemetery, Norfolk Co, Ontario, Canada. Peter married 05 Mar 1846 Elizabeth (Ansie) Baumwart per Talbot Marriage Register 1837-1857. 

Nancy Melissa Procunier  1843  
Albert Procunier  born 13 May 1846 Norfolk Ont, (Upper Canada); died 10 Jan 1921 Saginaw Michigan; married Eliza Shawl on 07 Jan 1867 Eliza was born on 28 Aug 1854 in Norfolk Co, Canada; died 23 Feb 1921 in Saginaw Michigan I assume.  One child Lizzie S. (Elizabeth) Procunier born 18 Oct 1869 in Saginaw, MI.  Albert Came to Saginaw county USA in 1865, 1881 owned 80 acres of land.Albert is buried in the Port Royal Cemetery, Norfolk Co, Ontario
Ref: History of Saginaw, MI 1881 page 770. Is it possible that this Albert Procunier is the same John Albert Procunier?

Henry Procunier born 04 Sep 1848; died 08 Jul 1900 Port Royal, CN; married Roxielena Titus  Henry is buried in the Port   Royal Cemetery, Norfolk Co, Ontario.
Lura A. Procunier  1850 (died young)
Clinton Aristotle Procunier 1860 (photo at right)
Laura Procunier 1875

REF: Elaine Allen Allen SD
Jane K. Maurer 2205 EMBE Pasadena, TX 77502-3902;
Joanne Harvey 2420 Newport Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48906
Mabee research page 129 lists the following children.

Per Lisa Young in an email 10/19/2001
Could this be the same Peter Procunier listed in this 1850
Ogle Co., ILL census?
1850 Ogle Co., Illinois census listing:
Peter Procunier, 30, farmer, Canada
Elizabeth, 24, Canada
Nancy M., 7, Canada
Henry, 2, Canada
Did Peter and Elizabeth relocate to the USA from Canada ending
up in Ogle County, Illinois around 1850?  If so they must have
moved back to Canada prior to their deaths!

October 2001 from Lisa Young
Lisa Young sends us some more of her Illinois research from her lineage of Laura Procunier 1850-
Here are the Ogle Co., IL listings for the Isaac Procunier family, 1850 &1860, in case it's helpful to you.
1850 Ogle Co., IL, Nashua Twp pg 60a
Isaac Procunier, 40, farmer, Canada     (Isaac is the son of Peter Procunier Jr.)
Anna, 42, Canada
Phebe, 13, Canada
Frederick, 11, Canada
Martha, 9, Canada
Leah, 6, Canada
Andrew, 3, Canada Mary, 1, Canada

(Peter and Elizabeth are on the next page, pg 60b)
some surnames on the same two pages in 1850 with Canada birthplaces -
Edmonds, McKinney, Welch, Price, Wilson.

1860 Ogle Co., IL, town of Flagg pg 423 (63)
Amy Pequnier, 50, Canada W      (Widow of Isaac Procunier who died in 1857)
Isac, 17, Canada W, cripple
Andrew, 13, Canada W Mary, 11, Illinois (I think)
William, 8, Illinois
Georgette Hayes, 3, Illinois
Pheobe Hayes, 23, servant, Canada W
Martha M. Pequnier, 19, Canada W

1860 Ogle Co., IL, town of Nashua
Fred Pequnier, 22, Canada W  (Son of Isaac, (born November 02, 1838 Norfolk Co, Ontario Canada)
Eliza, 25, Canada W     (Louise E. Gardner born November 02, 1842 in Cumberland, Canada)
Isaac, 2, Illinois
(There is a separate Comstock family in the same dwelling)

Other Sources:

The Bragonier Family by Georgiana H. Randall 1969.
The Bragunier Family in America by Brittain Bragunier Robinson 1969.
First Reformed Church of Hagerstown Maryland church records on LDS micro-film.

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Clinton Aristotle Procunier 1860-?
Old Johnson Cemetery, St Williams, Norfolk County, Canada
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