Johnson Cemetery
St. Williams, Ontario Canada 
 by David C. Procuniar
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The photo above was taken by David C. Procuniar during a trip to Ontario Canada to find the Peter Procunier family grave stones in 1999.  What we discovered & to our amazement was the Johnson Cemetery in St. Williams, Ontario. The woman in the photo is David's wife Sue (Hall) Procuniar standing right in front of Peter Procunier's (1764-1847) grave stone!

"Procunier" & family buried here are:

Peter Procunier Jr born 11 Nov 1764 Washington County, Maryland died 08 Aug 1847 Norfolk County, Ontario Canada
wife Elizabeth born Sep 1770 Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania died 07 Sep 1847 Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

David Procunier born 05 Mar 1833 died 11 Jan 1915 St. Williams, Norfolk County, Ontario Canada
David's wife Katherine VanWagner 1834-1916 died in Norfolk County, Ontario Canada
David's daughter Maudie Procunier 1874-1874 St. Williams, Norfolk County, Ontario Canada

Son of Peter & Elizabeth Clinton Aristotle Procunier born 1860 died in Norfolk County, Ontario Canada

Henry Procunier, Sr born 11 Oct 1792 Huntingdon County, PA, died 16 Jan 1842 Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario
Henry's wife Frances (Weymer) Manuel born 09 Jun 1797 Prince William, New Brunswick, Canada
died 31 Jul 1880 Port Royal, Walsingham Twp. Norfolk County Ontario 
Peter III & Deborah (Cope's) son David Sands Procunier born 14 Nov 1825 died 08 Jan 1848 Norfolk County, CN

Son of Jacob Cope & Elizabeth Procunier Thomas Cope born 1832-  (Grandson of Peter Procunier Jr)
Son of David Procunier & Sarah Ann Overbaugh Peter Procunier
  born Jan 1857 died 09 Nov 1858 Norfolk County, Ontario Canada

Peter Prockunier died March 22 182?  that's all I could read on the stone.

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