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Thomas Corwin Procuniar 1880-1958
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Thomas was born April 25, 1880 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio to the parents of Jacob & Mary Catharine (McMaster) Procuniar.  Thomas married 1st Elvia Trissel 30 October 1909 in Dayton, Ohio. (no children from this marriage)  Thomas married 2nd Emma Viola Minnich in 1920 Dayton, Ohio.  One child from his second marriage to Emma.

Mary Elizabeth Procuniar ... born 27 October 1920 ... married Stanley Albert Curl 21 May 1942 in Springfield, Ohio.
Mary Elizabeth & Stanley have one child an "adopted" daughter

Short Bio of Thomas Corwin Procuniar 
Thomas was born 25 April 1880 to the parents of Jacob & Mary Catharine McMaster while living in Dayton, Ohio.  Thomas was the second child of five children who attained adulthood.  Thomas grew up in the farming community of Mad River Township and attended local schools there.   As Thomas grew older & eager to work he became a laborer, boilermaker, foreman, and driver from 1898 through 1910 according to the Dayton City  Directory.   He married (first) Elvia Trissel on 30 October 1909 residing at the home of Thomas's parents after the wedding.  After his marriage Thomas went to work as a car finisher for the Barney Car Company in Dayton. By 1912 Thomas and Elvia had separated and Elvia moved to 31 N. Brenner Avenue in Dayton while Thomas remained living with his father & mother on 1455 Valley Pike. 

On June 07, 1915 Thomas went to work for Dayton Power & Light Company as an electrician and joined his two brothers who were also working for DP&L.  About two months later Thomas's father Jacob died suddenly on 11 August 1915 of Septicemia.  Jacob also had prostate problems that may have contributed to his death.  After his father's death Thomas continued to live in the family home on Valley Pike in Dayton with his widowed mother. However his mother later became an invalid and needed 24 hour care, so she moved into her daughter Nettie Belle Procuniar Rohrer's home, who also lived on Valley Pike, until her death in December of 1921.    

About seven years after his divorce from Elvia, Thomas married (second) Emma Viola Minnich on 19 April 1920.  Emma had been married once before (divorced) and had two children from that first marriage.  After their marriage Emma joined Thomas and together they lived in Thomas' parents home at 1455 Valley Pike where six months later their first and only child, Mary Elizabeth, was born 27 October 1920.   By 1922 the family had settled his mother's estate & Tom and Emma moved to West Milton, Ohio on a small seven (7) acre track of land after his mother's probated estate was final, & also to live near Thomas's younger brother John Henry Procuniar (my grandfather).  They moved into the house at the corner of Emerick Pike and David Road in West Milton, Ohio.  The home was a well-preserved log cabin with a modern addition.  Thomas improved his homes value by building a barn and some out buildings on his seven (7) acres.  Thomas and his brother John Henry took the "Track" every day from West Milton to Dayton and back from their work at DP&L.  As per his daughter Mary Elizabeth Procuniar Curl, Thomas worked for DP&L just over 30 years.  He retired from DP&L in the mid 1940's and later died of prostate cancer on 4 January of 1958.  Emma died seven years later on 3 October 1965.  Tom & Emma are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in West Milton, Ohio.  Jacob, & his two sons Thomas and John Henry all suffered from prostate cancer.

Interviews by David C. Procuniar with Mary Elizabeth Procuniar Curl, and nephews and nieces of Thomas C. Procuniar. 

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