Jacob Procunier 1847-1915
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Jacob Procuniar was born August 01, 1847 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio, died August 11, 1915 in Dayton.  On February 18, 1875 Jacob married Mary Catharine McMaster in Dayton, Ohio.  Jacob was the eight child of Samuel Procuniar (1801-1880) & Catharine Miller (1808-1871); Mary Catharine McMaster is from the Van Cleve family lineage (McMaster, Ryan, McLain, VanCleve).  They lived on Valley Pike in a home that Jacob built on a corner lot next to a church and lived in that house throughout most of their lives.  Together they had 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl.  Jacob worked as a farmer as a child until his early manhood when he went to work for Calvin L.  Hawes' N D (a paper factory located in Dayton, Ohio) as a machine tender in 1876 just one year prior to his marriage.  Jacob and his family regularly attended the Trinity United Methodist Church on Valley Pike.  Jacob and his wife are buried in the Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio.

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Samuel Andrew Procuniar (1875-1954)  married Myrtle Forest Swarner 

Thomas Corwin Procuniar (1880-1958) married Emma Viola Minnich 

Nettie Belle Procuniar (1883-1979) married Franklin Garfield Rohrer 

Charles William Procuniar   (1888-1967) married Rose Juanita Garbig

John Henry Procuniar (1890-1976)   married Elsia Leona King  (Grandfather of David Charles Procuniar)

Jacob's death certificate (Vol. #1718 Certificate # 45510) lists his name as "Procumar" using an "m" instead of an "ni" & states he died of Septicemia and prostate problems.  Some hand written records misinterpreted the "ni" as an "m" in the spelling, often times people did not dot the "i" and the "ni" looked like an "m", thus the spelling of "Procumar" came about!  Jacobs’s youngest child, John Henry Procuniar my grandfather, had prostate problems prior to his death also.  John Henry's son Samuel was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1999. 

My relationship to the Wright Bros is through the Van Cleve side of my family.  Wilbur & Orville Wright are my 3C3R (third cousin three times removed). David Charles Procuniar

           Jacob Procuniar                                        Mary Catharine McMaster
Jacob & Mary Catherine Procuniar's children
L-R  Tom Procuniar, Samuel Procuniar, Nettie Bell Procuniar Rohrer, John Henry Procuniar & Charles Procuniar
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Above L-R William Clingman , Jonathan Evans (Jacob's sister Eliza Procuniar's husband); Jacob Procuniar
Nettie Belle McMaster Clingman   (sister of)  Mary Catharine McMaster Procuniar
Photo taken prior to 1915 (Jacob Procuniar died 11 Aug 1915