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    Nettie Belle Procuniar 1883-1979
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Nettie Belle Procuniar was born to the parents of Jacob Procuniar (1847-1915) & Mary Catharine McMaster (1855-1921); Nettie Bell was born on 24 Nov 1883 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio, died on 19 Jul 1979 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio. Nettie married  Franklin Garfield Rohrer November 23, 1910 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio.  Frankwas born on 03 Oct 1880 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio, died on 21 Jun 1940 in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio. Nettie was 27 years of age at the time of her marriage to Frank G. Rohrer.  Nettie stayed a widow for 39 years before passing on, she was a strict housewife, & died while living at Piqua, Ohio nursing home.

Nettie and Frank Rohrers nephew was the actor George Peppard (now deseaed 1994)

Ralph Franklin Rohrer born July 02, 1914, died February 09, 1953, married Mary Matilda Scheaffer June 19, 1948         Children:  John Rohrer (deceased) & Jeannie Rohrer.  

Interviews of Procuniar and Rohrer family members in Dayton & West Milton, Ohio by David C. Procuniar (1991-1999) 
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Nettie Procuniar's husband Frank Rohrer
(high school photo)
Nettie Procuniar Rohrer (left) with her mother Mary Catharine McMasters Procuniar & Nettie's son Ralph Rohrer
Ralph Rohrer son of Frank Rohrer and Nettie Procuniar
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