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Brockunier Glass Factory
Wheeling, W. Virginia

Obituary ... Wheeling Virginia Register, Friday January 16, 1925
C. W. Brockunier, Former Wheeling Man, is Called!  Was one of Wheeling's Pioneer Manufacturers and Oil Men.

Charles W. Brockunier, aged 87, a retired manufacturer who was formerly one of Wheeling's most successful businessmen and a pioneer in the industrial development of the Ohio Valley, died at 1:30 yesterday morning in Lowell, Massachusetts, where he has made his home in recent years. With him at the time of death was his son, Samuel Hugh Brockunier, of Pittsburgh, who conveyed the news of his father's passing to friends and relatives in this City.

Mr. Brockunier left Wheeling about twenty years ago following his retirement from active participation in business. For some years he was located in the far West.

News of his death will recall to great numbers of persons the active career of Mr. Brockunier, which was founded in this city.

Mr. Brockunier was one of the principal members of the firm of Hobbs, Brockunier & Company, whose plant was located in South Wheeling, it being a forerunner of the H. Northwood Company.

Mr. Brockunier was a pioneer in the development of oil in West Virginia and in the development of natural gas, and he was president of the Manufactures Natural Gas Company which first brought natural gas to the city of Wheeling. He served in 1893 as a member of the West Virginia state legislature from Ohio County, being elected on the Democratic ticket.

Mr. Brockunier was born at St. Clairsville, Belmont County, Ohio on May 21, 1838. He was the son of the Rev.
Samuel Roarer & Sarah Zane (Clark) Brockunier, the latter a granddaughter of Ebenezer Zane. His early education was received in the district schools of Belmont County and later he attended the high school in Allegheny City from which he was graduated. [1880 census Pease Township, Belmont County, Bridgeport, Ohio]  Mr. Brockunier then launched out into the business world beginning as a bookkeeper in a glass company, that of Hobbs & Barner. His ability was such that it was not long before he was a member of the firm, which became known as The Hobbs, Brockunier Company.

Mr. Brockunier married Elizabeth Caldwell Brady, a member of the city of Wheeling's best-known families. Of the six children that was born to Mr. & Mrs. Brockunier, only two are living, (1925) Samuel of Massachusetts and Mrs. Sarah (Brockunier) Murrey of Pittsburgh and New York. Mrs. Elizabeth Brockunier died some years ago.
The following was very hard to read due to a poor quality copy of the obituary. 

SOMEONE?? Arrived from Lowell Sunday __________ will be taken the R_________ M _______ funeral home at ______ _____ street. Arrangements for the services will be announced _________. A telegram from Samuel Brockunier received yesterday,
__________ his father will be buried at Greenwood.

During the years passed in this city, Mr. Brockunier was a member of the Fourth Street Methodist Episcopal Church of Wheeling. END

Charles Wesley  Brockunier is the great grandfather of Nicholas Brockunier 1947.  Nicholas  is very interested and active in the Brockunier/Procunier Family History.  Nicholas has his own personal website, to view click HERE.

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