The Procuniar\ier-Bragunier-Brockunier
Family Genealogy
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Family Crest or Coat of Arms

We owe a gratitude of thanks to Irene (Miller) Procuniar (wife of Robert W. Procuniar SR) who found the Procunier Coat of Arms during her family research.  Irene mailed a copy of this Procuniar Coat of Arms to all of her husbands cousins who lived in Ohio.  I found my fathers copy in some of my mothers research papers in 1991.  DCP

In the language of the ancient heralds, the Procuniar\ier arms are described as follows:
Quartered: 1st, or.; the letter "P" sa.;
2nd and 3rd qu.; a peacock in pride ppr.;
4th, sa.; a fess or. Charged with a small inner shield vert.

The Procuniar\ier Coat of Arms translated:
Divided into quarters: 1st quarter, gold background; a black initial "P"
2nd and 3rd quarters, red background; a peacock proper, tail expanded;
4th quarter, black background; a gold horizon. band. A small green inner
shield placed over all.

A peacock is symbolic of vanity, beauty and pride. Seven vivid colors were chosen for use on shields of armor clad knights to easily identify them at a distance. The heraldic colors gold, silver, purple, blue, green, black, and red were preserved on colorless drawings by dot and line symbols. The Procuniar\ier coat of arms incorporated green. The color green represents hope, vitality, plenty.

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