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PROCUNIER families are first recorded in France in 1234 A.D. when Dupree’s “French Families” states that Francois Procunier was a tenant on the lands of the Duc de Chartres in the area around Strasbourg.  This city began to be built at this time. And a Henri de la Procunier is listed as Governor here in 1235 A.D.  In 1356 A. D. Simon Procunier is listed in the French Land Rolls as owning half a measure of land (50 acres) at Chantilly near Paris.  As records were ill kept in those days we have to examine the records of the Guilds to fine Procunier records in the 1400’s.  The Paris Guilds show 20 Procunier families, the Lyons Guild lists show 18 Procunier families between 1400-1500 as contained in H. Dumesnil’s “Records of French Guilds”.  In the book on French surnames by Jean Piche the name is said to derive from an ancient Frankish Chief’s name.  For the period 1400-1500 we find Procunier land-owners as follows, in Michaud’s “French Land Rolls”; Tomas Procunier owned 40 acres at Tournus, 1456; Henri Procunier owned 60 acres at Marbhauz (Doubs), 1475; Jacob Procunier, 55 acres at Lyons, 1484.  In the 1500-1600 period the existing lists for the time show that Procunier families owned a total of 750 acres throughout France.  At Angers Jean Procunier was owner of 320 acres in 1656, and in Koller’s Armotisl of Europe his Coat of Arms is noted as follows:
                    Gules, a fleur-de-lys or.
                    Crest: - a pelican feeding her young.
This is the oldest Procunier Coat of Arms, and is the one adopted by modern branches of the family everywhere to establish cultural identity and preserve tradition.  A Paris Census of 1804 shows 20 Procunier families in that city.  An examination of Dutch Census lists shows 3 branches in Holland, at Doesburgh, Overyssed and Amsterdam in the 1800’s owning 14, 16 and 23 acres of land respectively.  A Census of 1830 shows 12 Procuniers in Amsterdam and 6 in Brussels (Belgium).  The Rotterdam (Holland) ships’ Embarkation Lists show a Louis Procunier and Pierre Procunier as emigrating to U.S.A. & Canada in 1838.
Archive NO.  T620

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