The Procuniar\ier-Bragunier-Brockunier Family Genealogy
  © 2003  by David Charles Procuniar
   Thumbnail Biographies of The Procunier Family
by David C. Procuniar
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Attempts to trace the Procuniar\ier - Bragunier family's migratory origins and destinations from Peter Brockunier's ancestors reveal more confusion than substance. Attempts to reconstruct the complex web of interrelationships have enabled us to gain some perception of what may have been our family progenitor. Most records uncovered here are at the most incomplete and my conclusions were carefully hedged with somewhat qualifying statements. Although both the family reader and this researcher seek firm facts, both must note the hypothetical nature of many of the findings. What I am saying here is that the reader needs a degree of patience and imaginative empathy until the complex picture of the family emerges in the narrative. What records that have been found would support the claim that Maryland and Pennsylvania were the original, Procunier Brockunier ancestral home.  (partial excerpts from The Bragunier Family 1969 by Brittain Bragunier Robinson)

The Procunier Family and their descendants biographies and numerous biographical details are constantly growing through current family correspondence and diligent research. For a full description of the sources, see A Few-Sources.

Each Thumbnail Biography is a work-in-progress subject to additions and corrections. They are merely sub-sets of the information in hand. Researchers with additional information to share are invited to email the author. 

David C. Procuniar
Our Early Ancestors
 Pierre Bracounier Sr. 
Circa 1630-?  Speculation as to Pierre being Johan Nichol Peckoner SR's grandfather

Pierre Bracounier Jr. 1653-? Son of Pierre SR. Pierre JR left France, & relocated to Magdebourg Germany in 1685

George Braconnier Circa 1694 Probably the son of Pierre JR.  Could possibly be Jerick Bergener who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Saint Andrew Oct 27, 1738
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George Braggoonner Sr born 1730/35 probably the son of George Braconnier Married Anna Eve about 1750 in Hanover, Germany

Johan Nichol Peckoner Sr. 1704-1780 Arrived in Philadelphia on the Ship Lydia Sept 27, 1740 from Rotterdam 

Jacob Burgoon born 1710/1720 I have not found any research that indicates Jacob is related to our family.  I put all the research I have for Jacob Burgoon on this website in hopes that it may help someone researching  his lineage.

Peter Brockunier Sr. 1727-1804 Probably the son of Johan Nichol Peckoner SR. 

Peter Procunier Jr. 1764-1847 The son of Peter Brockunier SR. 
Left Pennsylvania for Canada about 1802 with his family. 

Daniel Brockunier SR 1777-1840 The son of Peter Brockunier SR.  Lived his whole life in Washington County Hagerstown, Maryland. 

Samuel Procuniar 1801-1880 
The son of Daniel Brockunier SR & my gr gr grandfather (Bragunier-Prakunier-Procuniar)
   John Franklin Procuniar clan ...
   John Taylor McNeill clan ...
   George W. North clan ...
   Jonathan Evans clan ...