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Welcome: This web site is devoted to people whose ancestor's family surname was Procunier-Brockunier-Bragunier-Bragonier or one of it's many spelling variations. The purpose of this site is to serve as a focal point for people researching these names and to improve our knowledge of our ancestors' genealogies, history, and stories about their lives. This activity will never be completed and you are encouraged to participate. Clicking on the hyperlink buttons to the left will take you to the different pages of this Web Site!  Thank you for visiting, and please sign my guest book & let me know what you think.

For those of you who find it hard to follow the way this website was originally set up click HERE which will take you to a Procuniar/ier Family Tree that you should be able to follow to find your lineage on this website!

While searching family information on this website, whenever you encounter this symbol                it will indicate that by clicking on that hyperlink you will find more information on that individual or event and usually you will find a Biography for that person after clicking on that particular hyperlink.

New hits on my website ... With practically everyone having Internet access nowadays, more and more people are looking into their family roots and finding a lot of their family history and/or relatives that they never knew about.  See "More Research" below ...

*More Research* ...  most recent October 30th 2006
More email came our way in the last few months, go to the Current Research page of this site to view who has written or just Click HERE to view those contributions !  

Wright Bros family connection:Rohrer-Peppard connection:
For those of us who are descended from the marriage of Jacob Procuniar and Mary Catherine McMaster (Jacob, Samuel, Daniel, Peter Brockunier SR)  you already know you are related to the famous Wright Brothers.  Click-HERE to go to Jacob & Mary Catherine Procuniars page on this website and follow the Wright Bros link.

Newcom connection if any click HERE

We are one of the First Families of Montgomery County, Ohio, click HERE for more!

As of January 21, 2007 there are more then 486 pages to this website; obviously all do not pertain to one particular lineage.  Hopefully you can navigate this website without any difficulty; if not please email me with any suggestions!  dcp

Note: The data included in these Genealogies may be used by all descendants to further their knowledge and understanding of their family origins. The data on this web page may not be published or reproduced in any form for any commercial purpose. If data on those still living has mistakenly been included it will be deleted upon request. This homepage, its subsequent links, and all information contained at this website is unofficial and is being provided as general information only. All HTML source codes and other data found on this website, unless otherwise stated, are (copyrighted) © Please read copyright notice below by clicking on that link .....

Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself …Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart!
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      When a man has lost sight of his past, he loses his ability to look forward intelligently!

© Copyright   2001 David C. Procuniar ... Reprinted with permission only!

There is someone posing as a descendant of the Procuniar Family.  He spends most of his time on Find A Grave Lamplighter MEMBER FOR 10 years · 8 months · 23 days  
FIND A GRAVE ID 47271480  Somehow he acquired control of my Procuniar memorials on Find A Grave and refuses to let me add photos etc.  Please let me know if you know this person and send me his email address!  below is his photo!

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